Balaneion Waste & Trap shower trap

Waste & Trap

Please note, the waste & trap is not included with the Aqua Slab shower floor, it must be purchased separately from your local supplier. If you experience a problem locating your chosen unit, we will always assist you through our contacts.

A 90mm trap is fitted to the cast shower floor and it must be a unit which allows the trap to sit flush under the slab with the waste cover plate on top connecting into the trap, thus holding it in place.

Currently, there are two wastes & traps which we recommend - the Wirquin Square 90mm and the Geberit Round 90mm.

Wirquin Square 90mm

The Wirquin waste & trap can be located in the centre of the product or 300mm centre side.

Once you open the packaging you will see under the square stainless-steel waste cover plate is a plastic spacer. Do not use this spacer when installing the Wirquin waste & trap to the shower floor as this spacer is specifically for tiled showers. The 5mm at the trap area of the slab acts as a spacer.
For ease of installation you can connect the trap to the outlet pipe with a Wirquin Slinky or Wirquin Magi-Flex flexible hose.
The waste & trap can be located in the centre of the product or 300mm centre side.

Wirquin Square 90mm shower trap

Geberit 90mm

You can purchase the Geberit 90mm waste & trap from any plumbing merchant, it comes in two parts and the product codes are as follows:

The Geberit waste & trap can only be located in the centre of the product as it has a round dome which must be dropped into the slab level with the surface. It is not possible to achieve this close to the side of the product.

Geberit 90mm waste & trap