Balaneion Aqua Slab Shower Floor

Aqua Slab Shower Floor

The Aqua Slab Shower Floor is cast to your specification

The Aqua Slab is designed to enhance a healthy bathing area with a minimal, seamless, clean-line shower floor. It is not a shower tray, but a solid slab manufactured to fit into any specific area in the bathroom. We manufacture standard size shower floors; however, our speciality is custom sizes and shapes.

The Aqua Slab is only 25mm high around the edges with a built-in gradient dropping to 5mm at the water trap area.

The tile-key, a 25mm aluminium up-stand is inserted into the sides which will be installed against walls, this eliminates water leakage between the Aqua Slab and walls. Wall tiles are bonded above the slab, in front of the tile key.

The shower doors, shower panels and framed glass screens are installed on top of the Aqua Slab shower floor. Frameless glass screens can be dropped into a groove which is routed into the Aqua Slab at the factory for this purpose.

The Aqua Slab can be dropped into the floor, in line with floor level, installed flat on the floor with only a 25mm step on or raised on a 120mm plinth to accommodate the trap between the floor and Aqua Slab. Cast skirts which are manufactured to match the Aqua Slab are bonded under the slab to hide the plinth.

With so many benefits, why choose less?

Balaneion Aqua Slab
Balaneion Aqua Slab Shower Flower
Aqua Slab Shower Floor, Balaneion