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About Us

Balaneion Mineral Cast Products is a family owned and run business, headed by Neil and Colleen Rowles. In June 2004 the family relocated from Cape Town to tranquil Knysna to follow a dream of owning a manufacturing facility. With Neil’s many years of experience in the bathroom ware industry and his extreme knowledge of resin systems, the obvious route to go was casting and resin-based products.

Over the years we have manufactured many different products – rock solid mineral cast shower trays, fibreglass shower trays, shower cubicles, hand basins, children’s slides and boat consoles but our signature product and the brainchild of Neil is the Aqua Slab shower floor.

The Aqua Slab is mineral cast which is a composite of casting resin and numerous mineral fillers which bind together to form a rock-solid product. The recipe was designed by Neil who knew exactly which fillers and percentage ratios would work together to create a stable shower floor. The composite is poured into an open mould which is the size and shape required and allowed to set and cool. Once the product is ready to be turned out of the mould, it is placed on the baking trolley ready for the oven. Aqua Slab shower floors are cast during the day and baked in the oven overnight. First thing each morning all baked Aqua Slabs undergo stringent water tests to ensure swift and complete drainage.

To manufacture a product, we need a mould and to make a mould, we need a pattern so Neil, with all his expertise makes his own patterns and moulds which is a highly specialized profession. The Balaneion Team, who have all been part of the business for 10 plus years run the production line and see to the day to day smooth running of the factory.

The Balaneion factory is a "happy place" – we take our work very seriously, but we also have fun together. We are a very close team who have come a long way to achieve products we are exceptionally proud of. We all have our up’s and down’s, but we support and encourage each other with a constant positive and motivational atmosphere.

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