Balaneion Shower Cubicle

Shower Cubicle

The Balaneion Shower Cubicle offers a leak-proof shower solution specifically to the timber housing industry; however, it is also very complimentary in a brick and mortar environment.

Shower Cubicles, manufactured to specification are available in any size, to the mm and any colour. They consist of:

Fibreglass wall panels are manufactured up to 1200mm wide and 2200mm high. For a shower cubicle wider than 1200mm, the installer would bond together two equally sized panels – e.g an 1800mm wide cubicle would require two 900mm panels which are easily bonded together on site with pop rivets and silicon (pre-drilled and pop rivets supplied).

Wall panels stand approximately 25mm proud of the wall and are reinforced for rigidity. The rose and tap areas which are also reinforced and sealed are drilled on site to ensure correct height and requirements.

The rigid fibreglass wall panels are installed onto the Aqua Slab shower floor, in front of the tile key against two or three walls, depending on the requirements. The flange on top of the wall panel is screwed onto the wall. A glass shower door and shower panel or just the shower door is installed onto the Aqua Slab to complete the leak-proof shower cubicle.

Wall panels have the same surface finish as the Aqua Slab which is a gentle ripple. The colour finish is matt and not a high gloss shine.

Shower Cubicles can be dropped into the floor, in line with floor level, installed flat on the floor with only a 25mm step on or raised on a 120mm plinth to accommodate the trap between the floor and Aqua Slab. Cast skirts which are manufactured to match the Aqua Slab are bonded under the slab to hide the plinth.

Balaneion Shower Cubicle
Shower Cubicle Balaneion
Resin Cast Shower Cubicle