Balaneion Cast Resin Shower Products

General Information


To clean any Balaneion products – shower floor or shower cubicle, use liquid soap & warm water with a soft cloth. Rinse & wipe dry.
Never use abrasive cleaning materials, compounds, pads or creams as this could cause surface damage.

Repair Kits

The Aqua Slab shower floor should not scratch or chip through normal usage, however, if you do notice a slight scratch or chip it can be easily repaired. Contact our office and arrange for a repair kit to be couriered to you. The Repair Kit comes with instructions which are a simple process to follow and we are always available via telephone to talk you through it.


Balaneion offers a 10-year guarantee which covers the product against defect in materials and workmanship. The guarantee will only be honoured on presentation of the original invoice together with the defected product.
The guarantee does not cover the following: